• 1. What is the program?

    The Huron Chamber of Commerce Goderich, Central and North Huron announces its Member 2 Member Benefits Program (M2M) to provide a value added service to our members. Participating businesses provide discounts for their products and/or services, and receive recognition, advertising, and potentially much more business. Members receive an additional benefit of discounts towards their purchases at a variety of businesses in a convenient method – a M2M Member card. M2M Benefit Cards will be mailed to each Chamber member in good standing.

    2. What are the benefits?

    For providing a discount/benefit, your business will be listed in the following mediums: • The Chamber Website under Program Participants listing in all printed materials regarding the program • New Participants announced regularly in newsletters • A one to two sentence company description will be included on the M2M page of the website

    3. Who can participate?

    Any Huron Chamber of Commerce Goderich, Central and North Huron member in good standing may provide benefits and will receive a M2M Merchant Card to use in your business.

    4. How do I participate?

    You would provide a discount or other benefit to customers that show you their valid Member 2 Member Benefit Card. For example, you may choose to provide a 15% discount, or a $20.00 gift card with purchase of $100, or free delivery, or free 1 year warranty with purchase, or free computer tune up, or buy 3 get 1 free – whatever works for your business. If you do not wish to participate in this way and simply want to just use the benefits from your Member 2 Member Benefit Card, just wait to receive your Member 2 Member Benefit Card from the Chamber Office with your membership renewal. Begin using at participating Chamber Member Businesses.

    5. I want to participate. What do I do?

    To provide a discount or other benefit, complete a registration form available in person at our office, on the website at M2M Sign up. Once you register and are processed, you will receive an email confirming your participation in the program. You may begin participation any time during the year. All Huron Chamber of Commerce Goderich, Central and North Huron members will receive their Member 2 Member Benefit Cards. Provide your agreed discount/benefit to customers that show their valid Member 2 Member Benefit Card, and enjoy the discounts and benefits from using your Card at other businesses.

    6. If I don’t provide a discount or benefit for the program, can I still get the Benefit Card and use the discounts of others?

    Yes, but you will not receive any other benefits of the program, such as advertising (see Program Benefits).

    7. When did the program start?

    The program re-launched in June 2017

    8. When is the deadline for participation?

    You may register for the program at any time. The website and printed materials will be updated as quickly as possible.

    9. If I participate in the program and provide a discount or other benefit, how do I tell who to give it to?br>

    Anyone who is a current member of the Huron Chamber of Commerce Goderich, Central and North Huron shows you their Member 2 Member (M2M) Benefits Card and is eligible for any benefits you agreed to provide.

    10. Are there any limitations to what I can provide as a benefit?

    All discounts and benefits of any kind will be subject to review by the Chamber of Commerce. To be a program participant at this level, you must offer a minimum of a 5% discount or similar value to be fair for the advertising and recognition your company will be receiving as a program participant.

    11. If I agree to provide a discount, am I obligated to provide the discount for the next year too?

    No, you are not obligated. You may cancel your participation any time and your information will be deleted from the program.

    12. What kind of discount or benefit should I provide for Chamber members?

    That is up to you - whatever works for your business. Some may choose a straight discount (5% to 30% off any or select purchases) or for others, a different kind of benefit, such as a free delivery, a gift card with purchase over a certain amount, a free 1 year warranty with the purchase of a vehicle, a free system tune-up for computers, a free oil change with purchase and so on. You should be comfortable offering your benefit for the entire year.

    13. How do I find out where I can get discounts/benefits?

    A complete, up-to-date list will be found on the website at: www.huronchamber.ca. A listing will also be posted periodically in the B2B newsletter.

    14. If someone comes into my business and says they are a Chamber member but does not have the Member 2 Member Benefits card with them, what should I do?


    You are not obliged to provide them your agreed discount/benefit.

    15. What happens if I join after the launch?

    Your company’s benefits will be listed within 6 weeks on the Chamber website, and on subsequent printings of updated program materials.

    For any other questions, email info@huronchamber.ca or call Huron Chamber of Commerce Goderich, Central and North Huron 519-440-0176