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    Earlier this week, we met with Mitzie Hunter, Associate Minister of Finance, to present her with a letter that calls on the government to consider how the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP) will affect the province’s business competitiveness.

    Business is concerned that a new mandatory Ontario pension plan will hurt job creation and the province’s overall competitiveness. Though there are many undetermined details, the ORPP would require workers and employers to each contribute 1.9 percent of earnings, up to $90,000, annually to the pension plan.

    Signed by over 50 leaders from Ontario’s Chamber Network, the powerful letter calls on the Government of Ontario to provide employers with answers to crucial outstanding questions.

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    In response to our letter, Associate Minister Hunter has agreed to participate in a special Chamber Network Teleconference on Tuesday, September 30 at noon. Make sure to mark this date and time in your calendar and stay tuned for more details.



    The federal government has just announced that it will be lowering Employment Insurance (EI) premiums for small businesses, paid by employers and employees, in an effort to boost hiring at a time of sluggish growth. The government is referring to this premium reduction as the Small Business Job Credit. The freeze is expected to save small businesses more than $550 million over the next two years.

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    Priorities for the 2015 Federal Budget

    In August, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce responded to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance’s invitation to participate in its pre-budget consultation process.

    Based on extensive advice from members, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has submitted nine key recommendations for the 2015 federal budget that will support prosperity, competitiveness and innovation and that align with the government’s priority themes.

    Click here for an executive summary of the recommendations.

    OCC Rapid Policy Update: Ontario Government Re-tables 2014 Budget
    July 14, 2014 
    This week, the Government of Ontario re-tabled its 2014 Budget. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce has created a summary of the key highlights from a business perspective.

    There are parts of this budget that are encouraging, such as investments in infrastructure. However, we remain concerned about the cost of the proposed Ontario Retirement Pension Plan and the province's fiscal position. We have yet to see a comprehensive and feasible plan to balance the province's books by 2017-18.

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    Recommendations Submitted on Labour Market Development Agreements
    The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) and its membership of 60,000 businesses welcome the opportunity to present our recommendations to the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills, Social development and the Status of People with Disabilities, with regards to the upcoming renegotiation of the Canada-Ontario Labour Market Development Agreement (LMDA). 

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    The Canadian Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Transportation Act Review
    June 26, 2014
    The Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, has announced that a statutory review of the Canadian Transportation Act (CTA) will be conducted. The Review will be led by the Honourable David Emerson, with the support of five advisers. The recommendations from the study are expected to be submitted to the Minister by late 2015. 

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    Perrin Beatty discusses the importance of the Northern Gateway Pipeline
    June 16, 2014
    The regulatory process for Northern Gateway has been the most rigorous and thorough of its kind in Canadian history. The Government is scheduled to make its decision known in the coming days. The Canadian Chamber of commerce believes in the Northern Gateway Pipeline and we are proud to have signed this letter with many other business leaders across the country. 

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    Ontario Liberal Party Wins Majority Government
    June 13, 2014

    What's their plan for Ontario Business? 
    Last week it was announced that Kathleen Wynne's Ontario Liberal Party will form the next government of Ontario.

    Recently, OCC asked Ms. Wynne's party to respond to their top five Business Priorities for the 2014 election. Here is what the Ontario Liberal Party says it will do to create a business climate that fosters investment and growth. 

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