• Jenn Lowe, Communications Administrator

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    I am a student at The University of Western Ontario (Huron University College Campus), enrolled in Management and Organizational Studies - Specialization in Policy and Ethics (Major) and Psychology (Minor). I completed my third year of studies in May 2014. Currently, I am employed with Formet Industries (A Division of Magna International) in St. Thomas, ON. as a Human Resources Intern. I will be with Formet for one year, where I will then return to Western for my last year of studies.

    Since the summer of 2011 I have been employed with the Huron Chamber of Commerce- Goderich, Central and North Huron working on a number of different projects. Over the past few years I have I updated the Chamber social media sites on a daily basis, launched our new website, sent out weekly E-newsletters, and much more.

    I am currently volunteering with the Huron Chamber to maintain the website and continue to send out the weekly E-Newsletters. So please make sure to send me your events, news and announcements by Wednesday morning of each week so they can be added to our newsletter!

    From a young age I knew 'business' was my future. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such a great group of people. The Chamber has given me more experience than I ever imagined, and I am lucky to have had the opportunity. 

    Jenn Lowe, Communications Administrator